Dillon James is a fellow veteran comrade of mine, who I met in the gym. We clicked ever since day one. Dillon who is an Army Veteran, athlete, model and actor, so it was only a matter of time before I got him in front of my camera. When I told Dillon about the move to Denver, Dillon was stoked. Not only is it an opportunity to network in a new city, but marijuana is legal for recreational use as well. It was easy for Dillon to make the decision to fly out,check out some dispensaries, hit the gym and smoke up!


I enjoyed my photo shoot with Dillon. When someone has an idea of what they are looking for in a photo it makes it easy for the photographer to just shoot.  We took to Downtown Denver to perform the shoot, making it to the top of parking garages, to the front of the Performing Arts Center.


Altitude Dispensary Denver Colorado


One thing myself and Dillon have in common is a passion for fitness. Check out this models workout routines and regimen he puts me through. I have to say it gave me some muscle fatigue but was well worth it!

Make sure to follow Dillon James on all social media platforms.

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