Steven Shots is a photographer and cinematographer who gained popularity fast on the Denver music scene. Coming out of the east side of Las Vegas, Shots learned his way around music and the industry fast. It was as soon as October of 2017 when Shots still went by his DJ name DJ Loud Pack. But by the end of that month he decided to pick up a camera. From there things took off for Steven, starting up and co-operating he’s own production company SNL Productions and shooting for stars such as PNB Rock, Money Mazi, Trev Rich and able to get big names such as Post Malone, Migos, Young Thug, and Scarface in front of his lens.

 Since then Shots has become the official photographer for singer song writer Nathan Palmer @RealNapalm. As well as for rapper Doobie Newton @doobieprollyhi. You can catch up with Steven Shots via all social media platforms as he is on tour with the two artist, going from Denver, Vegas, L.A. recently coming back to Denver from shows in the midwest I was able to catch up with Shots while in the recording studio with Ralphy Sway.

From Chicago to L.A. its hard to keep up with one of the industries favorite shooters. So when Steven gave me a phone call saying he was in Denver and to come shoot a studio session with him and @Ralphysway I jumped right on it! With spotting  from musical producer Rydha Mu8icBox I was excited to see what I was getting the scoop on. Check it out for yourself.



  1. Steven is an amazing photographer and person in general!! He is focused and ready to hit the ground running, as he found a talanet he never thought or knee he was good at!!! I am very proud of him and the photos he took and published of his trips!!! Keep it going you will be a great asset to anyone who contracted with.


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