Denver’s state capital

event staff

From the moment I walked through the gates and seen the event staff girl with the modern hair, and awesome glasses. I instantly caught good vibes, while I passed through the metal detectors with a drone and crazy amounts of camera equipment. Everything was good….except for the weather. Rain sporadically spilled on us, and temperatures dropped  but that did not stop this from being a great event.

As I managed to make my way to the front of the crowed of the jam-packed event. I was able to meet a lot of down to earth people. Who happened to have cotton mouth from lots of marijuana smoking without water. It was so packed people weren’t leaving there spots to go to venders who had water. One lady had passed out, while another man had screamed out “I have $20 for whoever can give me a water!” someone gladly made the exchange. Vibes where high and the cohesion was amazing.

Lil John teaching the confused crowd which way the window and the wall is.


Lil Joh kicked it off,  jumping on the stage with amazing energy. As well as a track list that can make the most stiff objects loosen up. But he could sense the frustration in the crowd as they all struggled to cohesivly  figure out which way the window and the wall was. Luckily for them, Lil Joh broke it down for them. Also blowing up the yard of Denver’s State capital with crunk music while 20,000 pot heads united.

Lil Wayne’s 4/20 Festival performance

With a classic performance from who is considered to be the best rapper alive. Lil Wayne did not fail to bring is A game, performing tracks from old to new, from hype to slow jams. Wayne did an outstanding job setting the tone for the crowd. Also while doing so it seems as if he new exactly what to say to get the crowd in the mood for what was coming. A class act, and a joy to see as a headliner for the Denver 4/20 festival.

This is an annual event. Last year the following day, Denvers civic center was covered in trash. Lets see if people cleaned up after themselves this year, and there was enough staff to handle the clean up. But so far, I would have to say….. amazing event, rain and all.

This event seemed like a victory, with everyone enjoying themselves in a safe and comfertable manner. Protection was in bulks provided by Denver Police Department. 20,000 people is a lot to keep in check. Thank you Denver PD.


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