Denver has a music scene that doesn’t stop. Especially when you’re talking about rap music. When I got the call to roll through the Discreet music video shoot to shoot the behind the scenes, I jumped on it! Being a Michigan native I clicked with rap artist @Ralphysway who is also from Michigan right off the back. I was in the recording studio with Sway the day prior to shooting BTS for discreet, when he told me that more Michigan rappers were in route to Denver for a music video that would be dropping with major a production company (find out wich one in the footage below.).


When I entered the set I seen manikin’s, marijuana, glow lights, paint and more. I said to myself “This is a Music Video!”. I then was introduced to fellow Michiganders and recording artist @hennfrank and @roscoxp.  Who were amazing to work with. I could tell immediately they were the real deal and invested in their craft. The energy on set that was provided by all the artist was epic and will make for an entertaining music video.

From the downtown condo, to the scenic mountain views at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. The Discreet music video directed by Derien Stepens @aureliusvisuals looks to have all the best qualities of a hit music video. At only 22 years old, out of Detroit Michigan this young Director Derien Stephans seems to have a promising future in the music industry. Make sure to check out the behind the scenes footage below!


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