Denver Co, Friday April 27th. Over 10,000 teachers and like-minded individuals gathered to show solidarity in their demand for higher salaries as well as better overall school funding.

more teacher shananagans.jpg

This was the second day of protesting in front of the Denver state capital. As teachers flooded the streets chanting, screaming, cars passing by honking in support. It’s clear that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. That problem is funding for the professionals that we depend on to mold our children’s minds. Funding for the equipment and standards we would like to have installed in place for our children. But the funding is simply not there…. Denver’s teachers and fellow believers showed up to say they’ve had enough.


It’s nice to see peaceful protest. Often we see protest get out of hand, with individuals unable to maintain their barren. Colorado’s teachers showed up in full fledge, getting their point across in numbers. I would like to see change personally in the support we show our teachers. I believe their importance should be reflected in their pay, and resources that are available to them in order to complete their task. Until those actions are met. I think more protest like these will be in order.

Comment what your opinion is on teachers in the United States. Do you believe this is an issue that needs to be addressed and why?



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