Long Table brewhouse

Long Table Brew house.jpg

Grand openings are always a blast! I had the chance to stop by Long Table Brewhouse for their grand opening, at its Fairfax location in Park Hill.

When I first arrive I noticed the bikes lined up from families who rode their bikes. Letting me know this is an environment the whole family can participate in. The second thing I noticed was the sleek look that the brewery had. From the exterior brick, to the wood floors, and the huge glass opening garage door that leads to the outside sit area. From first glance this looks like a place I would like to know more about.


The brewery was at maximum capacity from beginning until the end of the opening. The first person I spoke to was the owner Chris. Who Greeted me at the door, gave me a rundown of the building’s history, and how they made it into long table today. He broke down the different beers to me, wich made me more excited as I seen customer after customer with a satisfying look on their face.


 After trying the Hazy IPA, the Blond ale, and porter. I had the same satisfying look on my face too! The beers were absolutely amazing. I spent an hour at the bar talking to couples who had the same opinion. After my beers I ventured out side to check out the food truck. This was a game changer! There is nothing like lounging  with good drinks and food.


Make sure to stop by Long Table Brewhouse. You’re definitely in for a treat!


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