I believe all people are special, but our lack of focus derails our capabilities. In order to place yourself on the road to success, you must allot time to your self-development and profession daily. Ask yourself when giving yourself a goal. How many times a day, week month or years are you thinking about that goal? Every day when you wake up, your goals should be a top priority in your mind. By midday, you should ask yourself…. how has my actions brought me closer to my goals? At the end of the night, you should be thinking how to make the next day better. Ladies and gentlemen its a routine, that’s done daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Let me tell you! If you don’t start with the days, you won’t make it to the weeks, a few months later you’ll forget your goals and at the end of the year your asking where it went. All this talk about being woke this day, but the number one person people are sleeping on is themselves.



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