In the process of living life I’ve learned the value of telling a good story weather it’s through a photo, or video. Specializing Portrait photography, I try my best to capture the idea and bring it to life. I (Magic Marty) handle all  photography, video, and audio production for anything that you can imagine. Post editing  in Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier pro, and After effects are conducted by myself as well.. Im from Grand Rapids Michigan, but my military experience  has made the world my home. Ive seen the world through many perspectives, now I’m making it my life’s work to bring stories to life. Tending to your photos (portrait, lifestyle, family,fitnes) Videos (music videos, events, business, weddings, sports) Stationed in Denver Co, but operates in Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas. Follow my journey on In Front and Behind The Camera (IFBTC) blog as I give audiences a chance to get to see whats going on in my shoots. As well as info about the models I work with.

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